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The Scheme for High Net Worth Individuals in Gibraltar


Gibraltar is a special territory from several points of view, however, this year the Rock will celebrate its 25th anniversary as a high net tax worth jurisdiction. This status was given to Gibraltar thanks to the efficient tax system the authorities here developed and which benefits both companies, but also for individuals and families seeking to protect their estates. Our company registration consultants in Gibraltar can explain how the tax system works here.

Gibraltar, One of the Most Appealing Fintech Destinations in Europe


Gibraltar is known for the favorable conditions related to the financial industry, which is why no one was surprised to hear or read about the Rock become a cradle for new fintech technologies, such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies. After organizing the first conference dedicated to fintech players in Europe last year, Gibraltar managed to attract several companies which have established their operations here. Our Gibraltar company formation agents can help foreign investors who want to register fintech companies here.

The New Private Foundations Law in Gibraltar


The Private Foundations Law is a legislative project initiated several years back and passed at the end of 2017. The bill for this law was presented by the Minister of Commerce in March last year and was amended a few times in order to keep up with the international standards requirements before being passed. Below, our company formation consultants in Gibraltar offer an overview of the Private Foundations Act.

Gibraltar Tourism to Gain 6 New Flights from UK


Tourists seeking for new routes to Gibraltar will be offered six new alternatives from British airports starting the summer of 2018. A British tourism agency specialized in short vacations announced several new charter flights which with departures from small regional airports. Tourism is one of the important economic sectors in Gibraltar and the relation with the UK in this field is a very appreciated one. Those who want to open a company in tourism can rely on our Gibraltar company formation agents.

Gibraltar to Enhance Trading Relations with China


Gibraltar and China plan on expanding their economic cooperation after a Chinese delegation visited the Rock and met with Gibraltar officials. Among the industries the two countries want to collaborate in are the financial one, as well as the trading and transportation ones, as Gibraltar wants to join the One Belt One Road initiative. If you want to set up a business in the Rock and need assistance, our company registration consultants in Gibraltar will advise you.

Gibraltar Created the First Distributed Ledger Technology Law


Fintech is no longer an emerging industry, as it found its way in many sectors of the economy. One of the most important branches of the fintech industry was cryptocurrency, however these are also part of daily activities of some companies which is why some countries are considering regulating the use of cryptocurrencies. The first jurisdiction to actually regulate it is Gibraltar, which is the first territory in the world to create a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) law. Our company formation agents in Gibraltar can assist foreign investors who want to set up fintech businesses in the Rock.


Gibraltar to Ease the Authorization of Third-Party Insurers


Gibraltar has one of the strongest financial industries in Europe with the insurance and reinsurance sector registering the best results in the last few years. In order to maintain these positive outcomes, the government has decided to ease the regulations related to protected cell companies in the insurance and reinsurance sector underwriting other companies to offer the same services. Our company formation consultants in Gibraltar can offer information on the legislation applicable in the insurance and reinsurance industry.

Gibraltar Could Become Europe's Silicon Valley


Gibraltar is currently one of the best countries to do business in, according to foreign investors who come here because of the favorable taxation system, but also to the legislation and workforce which suit their requirements. Speaking of the workforce, experts gathered at the Startup Grind meeting for enterprisers say that this could be the key to Gibraltar becoming a mini Silicon Valley. Investors interested in starting a company in the British territory can rely on our company formation services in Gibraltar.

Gibraltar Continues to Promote the Tourism Industry


While Gibraltar is one of the most prolific countries in Europe from an economic point of view, the central authorities are still trying to convince investors and tourists to visit the Rock this year. During this year’s international business forum held in Belfast in May, the delegates from the Tourism Board were present there with the latest developments in terms of tourism in Gibraltar. Our company formation agents in Gibraltar can assist foreign investors who want to explore the tourism industry on the Rock.

Gibraltar Proposes New Law for Digital Currency


As countries all over the world are moving towards a digital era in which digital money will play an important role, the number of countries regulating the use of cryptocurrency is increasing. It is also the case of Gibraltar which now has a consultation paper regarding the establishment of cryptocurrency businesses on the Rock. Our company formation agents in Gibraltar can assist foreign investors who want to open a company in the financial industry here.

Gibraltar Port Bay Offers New Services for Shipping Companies


One of the best performing industries in Gibraltar is the maritime one, as the Rock is an important access point for European companies shipping products to other countries and for companies registered outside Europe which bring goods by sea to the Old Continent. This is why the Gibraltar Port Authority has introduced three new shipping services which connects European Ports to transatlantic ones. Our company registration consultants in Gibraltar can assist foreign investors interested in starting a business in the maritime industry.

What Does the Gibraltar Business Nurturing Scheme Imply?


Gibraltar has launched various support programs for companies established here during time and one of the most successful ones is the Business Nurturing Scheme which provides for startups. The new scheme comes as a response to the increasing number of startup companies created in the last two years in Gibraltar. Below, our company formation agents in Gibraltar explain the qualification requirements for the Business Nurturing Program.


Gibraltar Renews the Deposit Guarantee Scheme


The financial services industry is one of the best quoted sectors of the economy, which is why the government and the relevant authorities are doing their best to offer enhanced protection to those keeping their money in banks in Gibraltar. For this purpose, Financial Services Commission (FSC) has enabled the Gibraltar Deposit Guarantee Scheme many years ago. Our company formation agents in Gibraltar can offer information on the banking system in the Rock.

Gibraltar and China to Enhance Economic Relations


Gibraltar and Chinese representatives met in Beijing and following that meeting, a greater connection between trading companies in both countries was announced. The request came from the Chinese part as a consequence of the UK exiting the European Union and the need of Chinese companies to secure their trading relation with the other countries and territories, in the case of Gibraltar, in the EU. Our company formation agents in Gibraltar can offer information on why it is worth investing here.

Gibraltar Was Ranked the Best Territory in the World in 2016


The competition between Gibraltar and Spain dates years back and despite Spain’s better ranking in most international surveys, in 2016 it was surpassed by Gibraltar in terms country images. Moreover, the small British territory ranked first when it comes to country brands. If you are interested in opening a business in Gibraltar, our local representatives can assist you.

Brexit Contributed to Gibraltar's Economic Growth in 2016


The UK leaving the EU was not bad news for everybody, as it brought a surprising upsurge in Gibraltar’s economy right after the announcement was made. In fact, the last six months were good for businesses in Gibraltar which registered higher incomes thanks to the “community spirit” which has helped local traders. Our company registration agents in Gibraltar can assist foreign investors seeking to relocate to the Rock in order to open companies.

A Short History of the Gaming Industry in Gibraltar


If until a few years ago, Monte Carlo was the most profitable center in the world in terms of casinos, during the last few years it was replaced by GibraltarThe Rock attracted some of the largest players in the world through very attractive taxes and thus became one of the world’s biggest gambling hubs. Foreign investors interested in establishing a gaming facility here can rely on our company registration agents in Gibraltar.

5 Reasons to Establish an Investment Fund in Gibraltar


During the last several years, Gibraltar has emerged as an investment fund destination, especially since the Experienced Investor Funds (EIFs) were enabled. Foreign investors interested in setting up an investment fund in an EU country will find below a few reasons for which they should choose Gibraltar. Apart from that, they can benefit from assistance with the company formation process for the investment vehicle from our Gibraltar agents.

The Evolution of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange since Its Launch


It isn’t that much time since the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) opened its gates and started offering investors interested in the financial industry the trading instruments they required. Towards the end of last year, the GSX also received recognition from the United Kingdom’s HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and is now able to offer local issuers with more services and listing options. Our company formation agents in Gibraltar can offer more information on the laws related to listing on the GSX.

Gibraltar Ready to Sign a Free Trade Deal with the EU


The access to the European single market is one of the top priorities of the Gibraltar government which is now seeking to find a way to remain in the EU after Brexit. The central authorities are currently trying to sign a deal with the EU which would grant them access to the community and which doesn’t impede cross-border employees from Spain to work in Gibraltar without any problem. Considering Gibraltar continues to remain one of the best economies in Europe, according to several statistics, if you want to open a company here, our company formation agents in Gibraltar can assist you.

Business Sentiment in Gibraltar Remains Strong


In order to measure the business sentiment, the Board of the Chamber of Commerce in Gibraltar realized a survey in which respondents were questioned about their achievements so far and their future plans in the country. Our company formation agents in Gibraltar can assist foreign investors to open companies on the Rock.

Gibraltar Remains One of the Strongest Economies in Europe


Gibraltar is one of the strongest economies in Europe, according to the latest reports. As the end of 2016 approaches, the Government has drafted several surveys which show the economic situations of the country. The results are more than OK, as Gibraltar has the second lowest unemployment rate in the world and Brexit could bring an increase of the Rock’s financial industry. For information on the most attractive industries at the moment, you can ask our company registration consultants in Gibraltar.

Guide on Setting Up a Private Trust Company in Gibraltar


When it amended its Company Law last year, Gibraltar also introduces new types of companies that can be established here. One of these companies is the private trust company (PTC). Benefiting from its own law, the Private Trust Company Act, this type of structure is best suitable for those setting up family offices in Gibraltar. Our company registration agents in Gibraltar can offer information on the Private Trust Company Act.

Buying Property in Gibraltar, a Safe Option after Brexit


As a British territory, Gibraltar draw the attention of those seeking to relocate after the referendum. Most of the British and other foreign citizens as well, were attracted by the lower prices of real estate due to the pound’s drop. This has led to an increase in property demands for those seeking to purchase, and also to rent. Our company registration agents in Gibraltar can assist foreign investors seeking to invest in real estate.

Gaming, One of the Most Prolific Industries in Gibraltar


The gaming industry has become one of the most attractive sectors of Gibraltar’s economy, according to the Minister for Financial Services and Gaming. The last five years have brought a surprising development of this sector, which is why it has also made a significant contribution to the small territory’s revenue and made its way into the recently announced 2016 Budget. Our company formation representatives in Gibraltar can assist foreign enterprises who want to invest in the gaming industry.