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A Short History of the Gaming Industry in Gibraltar

March 8, 2017

If until a few years ago, Monte Carlo was the most profitable center in the world in terms of casinos, during the last few years it was replaced by GibraltarThe Rock attracted some of the largest players in the world through very attractive taxes and thus became one of the world’s biggest gambling hubs. Foreign investors interested in establishing a gaming facility here can rely on our company registration agents in Gibraltar.

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New Guide for Alternative Investment Funds in Gibraltar

December 23, 2015

The European Securities and Market Authority issued a guide for the registration and promotion of alternative investment funds in Gibraltar. These recommendations come after Gibraltar issued its first legislation on financial services which is now in accordance with EU Directives. You can obtain more information about the new Financial Services Regulations from our specialists in company formation in Gibraltar.

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New Gibraltar Companies Law Enacted

April 1, 2015

In 2015, Gibraltar will celebrate its 40th anniversary as an European Union member state and decided to amend its Companies Law that has been lingering behind the latest business practices. At the beginning of March, Gibraltar enacted its new Companies Act redacted in 2014. The Gibraltar Companies Act was last updated in 1930, which is why in 2010 a modernization of the company legislation was decided. 

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Gibraltar Gaming Industry, Among the Strongest in the World

April 16, 2015

E-gaming companies in Europe have discovered Gibraltar as a great location for their operation and want to expand their activities there. The Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association has committed to facilitate the licensing proceduresGibraltar has more than 15 years-experience in the remote betting and gambling which makes the small territory one of the most stable e-gambling jurisdictions in the world.

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Gibraltar to Update Employment Legislation

April 29, 2015

The Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce has begun consultations with employment lawyers in order to update the employment legislation. The Chamber of Commerce plans to modernize the Employment Law in a way that makes Gibraltar more attractive to foreign investors and to provide security to employees.

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Gibraltar to be an International Outsourcing Center

May 13, 2015

According to Prime Minister Fabian Picardo, Gibraltar meets now all the conditions to become one of the largest IT outsourcing networks in the world. Based on the country’s infrastructure and regulations for the e-gaming sector, Gibraltar has started to attract many investors and jobseekers in the IT domain, as well.

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Gibraltar to Improve Anti-Money Laundering Regulations

November 1, 2015

After four years of negotiations, Gibraltar has now been accepted into the European anti-money laundering evaluation process, Moneyval. Gibraltar will be subject to several evaluation procedures which will clear its reputation of tax haven. You can obtain relevant information about the country’s taxation system from our specialists in company registration in Gibraltar.

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Gibraltar to Support Renewable Energy Industry

January 6, 2016

Gibraltar has started to promote investment in the renewable energy industry by first signing an agreement with China for building a wave energy power station. The project would also receive funds from the European Union. The Gibraltar Government has enabled a renewable energy plan last year and in 2016 it will be put into action.

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Gibraltar Enables New Type of Protected Cell Company

January 11, 2016

In the last years Gibraltar has become a very attractive financial center and in its desire to provide the best development conditions for foreign investors the Government has enabled a new type of protected cell company specially designed for insurance securities. Our specialists in company formation in Gibraltar can provide you with more information about investments in the financial industry.

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Why Gibraltar is an Attractive Location for Online Gaming Companies

February 3, 2016

The e-gaming and e-commerce industry in Gibraltar are increasingly successful and the country is becoming a more important location to base an online gaming company. The country has implemented policies that are transparent and that have been regarded as a model for the industry. Foreign investors who want to open a company in Gibraltar that activates in the gaming industry can benefit from the country’s policies in this business sector.

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Gibraltar Ranks First in the Top of Real-Estate Investment Jurisdictions

March 11, 2016

Gibraltar was ranked first among a list of fourteen excellent location to invest in real-estate, by Savills, an international real estate firm. The country managed to secure the first place due to its good investment climate and lower prices for high-end properties, compared to the other countries included in the index. Foreign investors who open a company in Gibraltar will often choose to purchase property here.

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Increased Business Flows due to the Limited Liability Partnership Act

March 31, 2016

The Limited Liability Partnership Act was entered into force this month and it is an important addition to the existing types of companies in Gibraltar. Having this new legal form, foreign investors can now contribute to the business flows in the country in a more suitable way, adequate for their business needs. Gibraltar officials have underlined the importance of an updated legal framework for the types of companies functioning the in country, especially in a global business environment that is constantly evolving.

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Gibraltar, One of Europe's Leading Economies

June 17, 2016

Gibraltar is one of the strongest economies in Europe at the moment, with an impressive Gross Domestic Product on a year-to-year basis and a 0% unemployment rate. Our company formation agents in Gibraltar can offer you other reasons why the Rock is worth investing in.

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Online Gaming, Gibraltar's Leading Industry

June 19, 2016

In the last few years, Gibraltar has transformed online gaming into one of its leading industries and now the sector is starting to render its first positive results. The Rock has become home to some of the world’s largest companies in the sector. Our company formation agents in Gibraltar can help foreign investors set up an online gambling company here.

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This Is the Best Time to Invest in Real Estate in Gibraltar

July 11, 2016

The real estate industry is becoming more and more visible in Gibraltar, as the number of houses and apartments put on the market for sale is limited and the demand higher. This is what drove prices to rise considerably during the last three years. Our company formation representatives in Gibraltar can provide you with information on how to purchase property in the Rock.

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Tourism and Shipping, Next Best Industries in Gibraltar

July 13, 2016

Tourism and shipping are two industries going hand in hand in Gibraltar. The shipping industry has attracted a large number of companies operating here under good conditions which are about to improve once the Yachting Business Development Association was launched. Gibraltar is also bound to become an attractive touristic port, as more and more cruise liners are starting to stop here.

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Gibraltar, an Exotic Shopping Destination

July 19, 2016

Gibraltar has become a very appealing destination from a touristic point of view during the last few years. The culture visible in all historical buildings and its location on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, attract a high number of tourists every year. Lately, foreign visitors have also found another reason to come to Gibraltarshopping which has led to the development of the retail industry. Our company registration agents can help you open a company in the retail sector in Gibraltar.

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Gibraltar Launches New Incentive Scheme for Start-Ups

August 5, 2016

Gibraltar’s Government has recently launched a new scheme through which start-up companies will receive financial assistance. Analysts have welcomed the initiative, as start-ups are important for the Rock’s economy and this is the perfect time to support them. Our company formation representatives in Gibraltar can help you start a business in this country.

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Why Invest in Gibraltar?

August 8, 2016

Even if foreign investors have plenty of choices, they will seek to set up their companies in stable countries in order to avoid any surprises. Gibraltar is one of these countries and here you will find a few of the reasons why.

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Gibraltar Released the New 2016 Budget

August 12, 2016

The Gibraltar Government comes from releasing the reformed budget for 2016 which aims at reinforcing the country’s economic position in Europe. The new measures offer several tax facilities which will attract foreign investors to the Rock. If you want to open a company in Gibraltar, our company formation representatives can assist you.

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Gibraltar Offers 24-Months Tax Credit on Rentals to Real Estate Developers

August 17, 2016

The new 2016 Budget doesn’t bring good news for small and medium-sized companies in Gibraltar only, but also for foreign investors seeking to build real estate on the Rock. According to officials, the new Budget contains a measure which provides for tax-free property rentals in Gibraltar. Our company registration agents in Gibraltar can offer more information on the incentives available for businesses on the Rock.

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5 Reasons to Open an Investment Fund in Gibraltar

September 2, 2016

Gibraltar has become one of the most prolific countries in the European Union because of the interest of the Government in creating a suitable environment for foreign investors to thrive. The development of several key industries has also helped. Among these industries, the investment funds sectors. Below you will find 5 reasons why you should consider Gibraltar for opening an investment fund.

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Gaming, One of the Most Prolific Industries in Gibraltar

September 5, 2016

The gaming industry has become one of the most attractive sectors of Gibraltar’s economy, according to the Minister for Financial Services and Gaming. The last five years have brought a surprising development of this sector, which is why it has also made a significant contribution to the small territory’s revenue and made its way into the recently announced 2016 Budget. Our company formation representatives in Gibraltar can assist foreign enterprises who want to invest in the gaming industry.

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Buying Property in Gibraltar, a Safe Option after Brexit

September 12, 2016

As a British territory, Gibraltar draw the attention of those seeking to relocate after the referendum. Most of the British and other foreign citizens as well, were attracted by the lower prices of real estate due to the pound’s drop. This has led to an increase in property demands for those seeking to purchase, and also to rent. Our company registration agents in Gibraltar can assist foreign investors seeking to invest in real estate.

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Guide on Setting Up a Private Trust Company in Gibraltar

September 16, 2016

When it amended its Company Law last year, Gibraltar also introduces new types of companies that can be established here. One of these companies is the private trust company (PTC). Benefiting from its own law, the Private Trust Company Act, this type of structure is best suitable for those setting up family offices in Gibraltar. Our company registration agents in Gibraltar can offer information on the Private Trust Company Act.

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