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Why Gibraltar is an Attractive Location for Online Gaming Companies

Written by: Bridgewest

Why-Gibraltar-is-an-Attractive-Location-for-Online-Gaming-Companies.jpgThe e-gaming and e-commerce industry in Gibraltar are increasingly successful and the country is becoming a more important location to base an online gaming company. The country has implemented policies that are transparent and that have been regarded as a model for the industry. Foreign investors who want to open a company in Gibraltar that activates in the gaming industry can benefit from the country’s policies in this business sector.

Top online gaming companies in Gibraltar

Gibraltar offers a favorable business environment but companies that want to activate in online gaming need to pass certain examinations and obtain a special license: all for allowing a good control and sound policies for this market.
Foreign online gaming companies that want to activate on the Gibraltar market must present their business plan and their licenses for gaming in other jurisdictions.
The most important authority that regulates this business field is the Betting and Gaming Association. It supports the implementation of laws as well as the creation of a regulated environment for gaming activities. The purpose is to allow business owners in Gibraltar to conduct their activities in a fair and open market. The Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association is a member of the European Betting and Gaming Association.

What makes Gibraltar a favorable location for online gaming companies?

Apart from a good framework for gaming activities, Gibraltar attracts investors with tax incentives and a favorable taxation regime. The workforce is highly educated and it is very ICT oriented. The country has evolved in terms of IT infrastructure, network, the internet, and telephony and although its standards and services are comparable to those in large European countries, Gibraltar has lower costs for these services. This accessibility is important for ICT investors and companies that want to operate in this field.
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