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Why Invest in Gibraltar?

Written by: Bridgewest

Why-invest-in-Gibraltar-after-BrexitEven if foreign investors have plenty of choices, they will seek to set up their companies in stable countries in order to avoid any other surprisesGibraltar is one of these countries and here’s why:

1.Gibraltar’s legal system is based on the British one

It is well known that Gibraltar is a British territory, therefore its legal system, including the Companies Act which provides for company incorporation, so why go too far from what is familiar? Foreign investors seeking for the easiest and quickest alternative to relocate their business will find the fittest choice in Gibraltar.

2.Gibraltar has one of the lowest corporate taxes in Europe

With a 10% corporate tax rate, Gibraltar has one of the lowest taxes imposed on companies in Europe and the EU, if not the lowest. So when having to move a business or open a new one, why not choose Gibraltar, a small country which can offer additional benefits?

3.Gibraltar has a stable economy

Despite being a British territory, Gibraltar is independent from many points of view and economic stability is one of these points. If you are facing the difficult decision of relocating your company, you should choose Gibraltar because its economy is currently booming.

4.Many companies have announced to remain in Gibraltar after Brexit

Recent reports show that many large companies in Gibraltar were concerned about what would happen to their operations after Brexit. However, they have decided to stay here because of the government’s commitment of offering them support and stability.

5.The Gibraltar real estate market has flourished 

Surprisingly, the first to relocate to Gibraltar were foreign citizens living and working in the UK until the referendum for Brexit. This has led to higher demands in properties which has turned the real estate industry into one of the most developed sectors.

If you want to move your business in Gibraltar and have not decided where to yet, you can choose this territory. For assistance in setting up a business in the Rock, please feel free to contact our company registration representatives in Gibraltar.




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