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Gibraltar Port Bay Offers New Services for Shipping Companies

Written by: Bridgewest

Gibraltar-Port-Bay-offers-new-routes-to-South-America-and-CanadaOne of the best performing industries in Gibraltar is the maritime one, as the Rock is an important access point for European companies shipping products to other countries and for companies registered outside Europe which bring goods by sea to the Old Continent. This is why the Gibraltar Port Authority has introduced three new shipping services which connects European Ports to transatlantic ones. Our company registration consultants in Gibraltar can assist foreign investors interested in starting a business in the maritime industry.

Gibraltar Bay Port to be connected to ports in Cuba and Canada

Foreign companies in the shipping sector can now rely on three additional services in Gibraltar if their route implies sending their products to countries which have access to the Atlantic Ocean. First, the Gibraltar Bay Port was connected to the Cuban sea port, Maribel which was needed as a great number of trading companies on the Rock sent their product to South America. The second new service offered by the Maritime Authority targeted a connection between the Gibraltar port and the Halifax port in Canada. Another important service connects Gibraltar’s local ports with several ports in Northern Europe and the Mediterranean.

Foreign investors interested in starting shipping companies in the Rock can rely on our Gibraltar company formation services.

The new seaport connections also opened the doors for investments in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is one of the most important players in the shipping industry in Europe as its geographical position allows a large number of incoming and outgoing vessels to access European markets. The newly added services not only allowed a greater number of shipping companies to enter and exit one of the largest and most modern ports in Europe, but it also offered new investment opportunities for companies operating the transatlantic route. Four new companies have set up operations in Gibraltar in the short time since the new services were announced and several more are expected to come in the next few months.

For information on the incentives offered by the government for the maritime industry, please feel free to contact us. Our company formation agents in Gibraltar can assist those who want to open a shipping business.



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