5 Reasons to Establish an Investment Fund in Gibraltar

Updated on Saturday 11th February 2017

5-reasons-to-establish-an-investment-fund-in-GibraltarDuring the last several years, Gibraltar has emerged as an investment fund destination, especially since the Experienced Investor Funds (EIFs) were enabled. Foreign investors interested in setting up an investment fund in an EU country will find below a few reasons for which they should choose Gibraltar. Apart from that, they can benefit from assistance with the company formation process for the investment vehicle from our Gibraltar agents.

1.Gibraltar provides for the fastest launch on the market for investment funds

As mentioned above, the EIF is the most employed type of investment fund in Gibraltar. But did you know it also benefits from a “quick launch” procedure? This type of fund can be launched during the pre-authorization process. While in other EU countries the launch of an investment fund can take up to six months, the launch of a Gibraltar EIF is significantly reduced.

2.Gibraltar has a special status within the EU

As a EU member state, Gibraltar offers passporting right to investment funds established in accordance with EU regulations which makes it easier for foreign investors to offer their services in other countries without obtaining additional licenses or being subject to more requirements.

3.Gibraltar has one of the lowest tax rates

The corporate tax rate which is established at 10% is one of the strongest reasons to register a company in Gibraltar and use it as a vehicle for an investment fund. It is also helpful to know that Gibraltar offers one of the most favorable taxation systems for high net worth individuals in Europe by enabling two special statuses for them. Our company registration agents in Gibraltar can offer more information about taxation on the Rock.

4.Gibraltar is on OECD’s “white list”

The OCED’s criteria based on which countries are white or black listed is a standard for foreign investors based on which they choose the countries to do business in. The good news is that Gibraltar was the first country to submit voluntarily to the International Monetary Fund’s assessment on banking, insurance and investment services in order to offer a safe environment for investments.

5.Financial services is one of the most developed industries

And this is one of the main reasons why Gibraltar always tries to ensure that investors benefit from the best regulations when establishing investment funds. It suffices to say that Gibraltar economy rose by an average 10% on a yearly basis during the last 3 years thanks to the financial services sector.

If you have decided to establish an investment fund in Gibraltar, do not hesitate to contact our company registration consultants.