5 Reasons to Open an Investment Fund in Gibraltar

Updated on Friday 02nd September 2016

5-reasons-to-open-an-investment-fund-in-GibraltarGibraltar has become one of the most prolific countries in the European Union because of the interest of the Government in creating a suitable environment for foreign investors to thrive. The development of several key industries has also helped. Among these industries, the investment funds sectors. Below you will find 5 reasons why you should consider Gibraltar for opening an investment fund:

1.Gibraltar is not a tax haven

Gibraltar is the only territory voluntarily submitting itself to the International Monetary Fund’s assessment to in order to be “whitelisted” by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. As such, Gibraltar is no longer considered a tax haven, so setting up an investment fund or a company here is very safe.

2.Gibraltar is also in the EU

As a British territory, Gibraltar is also an EU member. However, it is important to say that Gibraltar has a special status in the Union which confers it autonomy and also several tax exemptions. Our company formation agents in Gibraltar can offer more information about the taxation of investment funds on the Rock.

3.Investment funds benefit from pre-approved launching procedures in Gibraltar

Experienced investor funds (EIFs) are the most employed types of funds in Gibraltar because of the quick setup procedure. This type of fund may start operate in its pre-approval phase based on the registration documents and the Gibraltar Counsel’s declaration that the fund is properly set up.

4.Take advantage of the EU passporting rules

It is a known fact that managers of investment funds established in EU countries can promote their services in other EU states based on the EU Passporting Directive. The same rule applies to Gibraltar investment funds our company registration consultants can offer more information about.

5.Financial services, one of Gibraltar’s main industries

Gibraltar has the infrastructure and workforce to offer high quality services. These services have led to the development of the financial industry, including the investment funds’ sectors.

If you have decided to establish an investment fund in Gibraltar, do not hesitate to contact us. Our company incorporation representatives can also help you open a company in Gibraltar.