A Short History of the Gaming Industry in Gibraltar

Updated on Wednesday 08th March 2017

How-did-Gibraltar-earn-its-position-among-global-casino-destinationsIf until a few years ago, Monte Carlo was the most profitable center in the world in terms of casinos, during the last few years it was replaced by Gibraltar. The Rock attracted some of the largest players in the world through very attractive taxes and thus became one of the world’s biggest gambling hubs. Foreign investors interested in establishing a gaming facility here can rely on our company registration agents in Gibraltar.

How did Gibraltar manage to attract large casinos?

Not only the taxation of digital games was what attracted large industry players, as this is a recent change in the tax legislation in Gibraltar. The casino industry on the Rock started years ago, in 1998 more precisely, when one gaming operator opened a company in Gibraltar and one in Malta. Ever since it continued growing and started attracting other investors who started their businesses from scratch. Also, Gibraltar was the first country to have an iGaming industry, mostly known as online gaming. From here there was only one step left for Gibraltar to become an important gambling center in Europe and them in the world. In the years to come many renowned industry players moved their casinos on the Rock.

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There are 35 gaming operators in Gibraltar in 2017

There are 35 gaming operators registered with the Gibraltar Licensing Authority at the moment. These are also some of the largest companies in the online and land gambling industry in the world. The main reason why they have chosen Gibraltar is the good reputation the country has earned during these years.

The fact that the Licensing Authority only welcomes blue chip companies with solid business plans and good financial reputations is another plus for Gibraltar. Also, the taxation system which was set in place not so many years ago, made people believe that living in Gibraltar is actually better than living in the UK, especially when considering salaries are paid in GBP.

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