Company Formation Gibraltar



Increased Business Flows due to the Limited Liability Partnership Act


The Limited Liability Partnership Act was entered into force this month and it is an important addition to the existing types of companies in Gibraltar. Having this new legal form, foreign investors can now contribute to the business flows in the country in a more suitable way, adequate for their business needs. Gibraltar officials have underlined the importance of an updated legal framework for the types of companies functioning the in country, especially in a global business environment that is constantly evolving.

Gibraltar Ranks First in the Top of Real-Estate Investment Jurisdictions


Gibraltar was ranked first among a list of fourteen excellent location to invest in real-estate, by Savills, an international real estate firm. The country managed to secure the first place due to its good investment climate and lower prices for high-end properties, compared to the other countries included in the index. Foreign investors who open a company in Gibraltar will often choose to purchase property here.