Company Formation Gibraltar



Guide on Setting Up a Private Trust Company in Gibraltar


When it amended its Company Law last year, Gibraltar also introduces new types of companies that can be established here. One of these companies is the private trust company (PTC). Benefiting from its own law, the Private Trust Company Act, this type of structure is best suitable for those setting up family offices in Gibraltar. Our company registration agents in Gibraltar can offer information on the Private Trust Company Act.

Buying Property in Gibraltar, a Safe Option after Brexit


As a British territory, Gibraltar draw the attention of those seeking to relocate after the referendum. Most of the British and other foreign citizens as well, were attracted by the lower prices of real estate due to the pound’s drop. This has led to an increase in property demands for those seeking to purchase, and also to rent. Our company registration agents in Gibraltar can assist foreign investors seeking to invest in real estate.

Gaming, One of the Most Prolific Industries in Gibraltar


The gaming industry has become one of the most attractive sectors of Gibraltar’s economy, according to the Minister for Financial Services and Gaming. The last five years have brought a surprising development of this sector, which is why it has also made a significant contribution to the small territory’s revenue and made its way into the recently announced 2016 Budget. Our company formation representatives in Gibraltar can assist foreign enterprises who want to invest in the gaming industry.

5 Reasons to Open an Investment Fund in Gibraltar


Gibraltar has become one of the most prolific countries in the European Union because of the interest of the Government in creating a suitable environment for foreign investors to thrive. The development of several key industries has also helped. Among these industries, the investment funds sectors. Below you will find 5 reasons why you should consider Gibraltar for opening an investment fund.