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Gibraltar Renews the Deposit Guarantee Scheme


The financial services industry is one of the best quoted sectors of the economy, which is why the government and the relevant authorities are doing their best to offer enhanced protection to those keeping their money in banks in Gibraltar. For this purpose, Financial Services Commission (FSC) has enabled the Gibraltar Deposit Guarantee Scheme many years ago. Our company formation agents in Gibraltar can offer information on the banking system in the Rock.

Gibraltar and China to Enhance Economic Relations


Gibraltar and Chinese representatives met in Beijing and following that meeting, a greater connection between trading companies in both countries was announced. The request came from the Chinese part as a consequence of the UK exiting the European Union and the need of Chinese companies to secure their trading relation with the other countries and territories, in the case of Gibraltar, in the EU. Our company formation agents in Gibraltar can offer information on why it is worth investing here.

Gibraltar Was Ranked the Best Territory in the World in 2016


The competition between Gibraltar and Spain dates years back and despite Spain’s better ranking in most international surveys, in 2016 it was surpassed by Gibraltar in terms country images. Moreover, the small British territory ranked first when it comes to country brands. If you are interested in opening a business in Gibraltar, our local representatives can assist you.