Gibraltar and China to Enhance Economic Relations

Updated on Monday 24th April 2017

Gibraltar-and-China-to-enhance-economic-relationsGibraltar and Chinese representatives met in Beijing and following that meeting, a greater connection between trading companies in both countries was announced. The request came from the Chinese part as a consequence of the UK exiting the European Union and the need of Chinese companies to secure their trading relation with the other countries and territories, in the case of Gibraltar, in the EU. Our company formation agents in Gibraltar can offer information on why it is worth investing here.

The largest Chinese companies want to boost relations with Gibraltar companies

Some of the largest companies in Shanghai and Nanjing have urged for trading relations with Gibraltar to be enhanced, after the successful trip the Gibraltar minister for finance has taken to Beijing. Moreover, Gibraltar could become a trading hub for Chinese companies. Discussions were also carried out related to cooperation in other core industries in Gibraltar such as telecommunications and financial services.

According to a press release issued by the Ministry of Finance, Gibraltar’s financial services sector provides numerous business opportunities in the insurance, wealth management and asset management sectors for Chinese companies and not only. Chinese representatives have pointed out Gibraltar’s financial and legal professionals and the transparency of the financial industry when asked why they would choose the Rock.

What will this cooperation mean for Gibraltar?

China is currently the second largest economy in the world and also has the largest trading industry on a global level which is why a developed relation with it could mean a great influx of money for Gibraltar’s economy.

At the other end, Gibraltar is also an important trading center even if at a smaller scale. Even so, Gibraltar registers one of the fastest economic growing rates in the world which is what makes it attractive for investors within and outside Europe and the European Union.

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