Gibraltar Continues to Promote the Tourism Industry

Updated on Thursday 13th July 2017

Gibraltar-contiunes-to-promote-the-tourism-industryWhile Gibraltar is one of the most prolific countries in Europe from an economic point of view, the central authorities are still trying to convince investors and tourists to visit the Rock this year. During this year’s international business forum held in Belfast in May, the delegates from the Tourism Board were present there with the latest developments in terms of tourism in Gibraltar. Our company formation agents in Gibraltar can assist foreign investors who want to explore the tourism industry on the Rock.

Gibraltar will have 50 flights arriving per week starting this summer

The Routes Europe Forum is held every year and Gibraltar is a constant presence there for several years now. This is due to the large number of tourists coming to Gibraltar every year, but also an increasing number of investors interested in starting various types of businesses in the tourism industry. Moreover, the number of flights coming into the country through the Gibraltar International Airport will grow to 50 per week starting the summer of 2017. Out of these 48 flights per week will come from the UK, while 2 will come from Morocco.

The number of private air operators passing through Gibraltar on their way to Europe or leaving Europe has also increased. Moreover, airlines already operating in the Gibraltar International Airport have committed to servicing all existing routes.

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The number of passengers using the Gibraltar International Airport rose by 23.4% last year

And this is one of the most convincing facts about how tourism is thriving in Gibraltar. The Minister for Tourism also announced the ministry’s commitment to maintain its relations not only to airlines but all key players in the tourism industry.

During the Routes Europe Forum, the Gibraltar team met with 5 new airlines, 6 airports and 3 players in the tourism industry in order to consolidate the Rock’s position among top tourist destinations this year.

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