Gibraltar Ranks First in the Top of Real-Estate Investment Jurisdictions

Updated on Friday 11th March 2016

Gibraltar-Ranks-First-in-the-Top-of-Real-Estate-Investment-Jurisdictions.jpgGibraltar was ranked first among a list of fourteen excellent location to invest in real-estate, by Savills, an international real estate firm. The country managed to secure the first place due to its good investment climate and lower prices for high-end properties, compared to the other countries included in the index. Foreign investors who open a company in Gibraltar will often choose to purchase property here.

What makes Gibraltar a valuable destination for real estate investments?

The residential market in Gibraltar offers a wide range of opportunities, both for the average investor as well as for high net worth individuals. The study performed by the global real estate provider Savills highlights the country’s advantages over the other countries included in the Sunshine/Spend Index.
The country has plenty of offers for those individuals seeking to buy property. Among the advantages that put Gibraltar on the top place, we can mention the lower prices for prime real estate property, compared to the other countries in the index, good and safe living conditions, an international and welcoming community consisting of various nationalities and ethnicities. 

Advantages for property owners in Gibraltar 

Gibraltar has a series of tax advantages for foreign investors who want to purchase a property here: the country levies no inheritance tax, no wealth tax, and no capital gains tax. The country levies a special taxation regime for high net worth individuals who are doing business here and fall under the category of Higher Executive Possessing Specialized Skills. 
The Sunshine/Spend Index combines apparently different features that are important for foreign investors seeking to purchase property: the annual sunshine hours, annual precipitation and the capital values of prime apartments. The Index included fourteen countries worldwide, with Gibraltar first on the list, followed by the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands. Countries like Switzerland, Luxembourg or Singapore are also on the list.
For detailed information about how to purchase a property in Gibraltar if you are a foreigner please contact our company registration experts in Gibraltar.