Gibraltar Was Ranked the Best Territory in the World in 2016

Updated on Wednesday 05th April 2017

Gibraltar-ranked-as-the-best-territory-in-the-world-in-2016The competition between Gibraltar and Spain dates years back and despite Spain’s better ranking in most international surveys, in 2016 it was surpassed by Gibraltar in terms country images. Moreover, the small British territory ranked first when it comes to country brands. If you are interested in opening a business in Gibraltar, our local representatives can assist you.

Gibraltar came first, while Spain ranked 36th

This was the first year when the gap between the two competing countries is this steep. Not only “Marca Gibraltar” beat “Marca Espana”, but Gibraltar also outranked its neighbor in terms of strength of image. This was described as an “extraordinary success” for Gibraltar, considering the size of the two countries and the large economic differences between them. However, it is known that a small economy has always better chances of performing better than large ones.

The report based on which Gibraltar received such good rating is based on four criteria: tourism, foreign investments, trade and immigration. Gibraltar outranked Spain in all four areas and it was followed by Luxembourg, Macao in China and Singapore.

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How did Gibraltar obtain the first position in this report?

Taken each factor separately, it is easier to acknowledge how Gibraltar came to such good results: with no restrictions to foreign investors coming to open companies here and with a very good immigration program which encourages skilled individuals to seek for well-paid positions here, it becomes clear why the Rock earned its position among the best territories in the world.

Other factors which have determined Gibraltar’s ranking were tourism and trade, which are somewhat related considering the development of the tourism industry which relies on visitor buying local products and thus enabling both small and larger producers to sell their goods.

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