The Evolution of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange since Its Launch

Updated on Monday 06th February 2017

The-evolution-of-the-Gibraltar-Stock-Exchange-in-2-years-after-launchingIt isn’t that much time since the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) opened its gates and started offering investors interested in the financial industry the trading instruments they required. Towards the end of last year, the GSX also received recognition from the United Kingdom’s HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and is now able to offer local issuers with more services and listing options. Our company formation agents in Gibraltar can offer more information on the laws related to listing on the GSX.

The Gibraltar Stock Exchange was recognized by the HMRC

The Gibraltar Stock Exchange was launched at the end of November 2014 and in just two years managed to earn the confidence of a significant number of foreign investors. Two years later, the GSX also obtained the HMRC’s approval and was named a “recognized stock exchange” which falls under the provisions of the Income Tax Law of the UK. This means that the GSX can now offer more options to companies and other investors interested to issue and list securities on other capital markets.

The GSX has grown within the European Union’s regulated market based on the good prospectus approval and fast listing procedures. The GSX allows the issuance of corporate bonds, insurance securities, derivative securities, convertible bonds and securities backed by assets. Investment funds are also allowed to issue and list their shares on the GSX.

Our company registration consultants in Gibraltar can assist foreign investors interested in setting up investment funds.

The GSX also allows the trading of Bitcoin

Another milestone reached by the Gibraltar Stock Exchange is the fact that it was the first stock exchange in the EU to allow the trading in Bitcoin. The BTCETI, as it is known on the GSX, is an asset-backed trading instrument which is invested only in bitcoin. It can be listed on the GSX, and also co-listed on the German capital market. The new instrument is considered an important financial product for innovative companies in Gibraltar and is meant to transform the Rock into a virtual currency network in the following years.

For full information on the legislation and Financial Services Commission’s listing requirements on the GSX, please contact our company formation representatives in Gibraltar.