Tourism and Shipping, Next Best Industries in Gibraltar

Updated on Wednesday 13th July 2016

Tourism-and-shipping-next-best-industries-in-GibraltarTourism and shipping are two industries going hand in hand in Gibraltar. The shipping industry has attracted a large number of companies operating here under good conditions which are about to improve once the Yachting Business Development Association was launched. Gibraltar is also bound to become an attractive touristic port, as more and more cruise liners are starting to stop here.

The Gibraltar Yachting Business Association

Owners of yachts and super yachts in Gibraltar are about receive a helping hand now that the Gibraltar Yachting Business Association (GYBA) has become reality. The association wants to take every small opportunity and turn it into a business one in order to ensure the success of yacht owners. Even more important is the fact that the government is interested in listing to what the GYBA proposes in order to enhance the legislation and the administrative procedures related to yachting activities. The association will also be allowed to offer its input on other matters, such as offering solutions which would increase the development of the yachting sector.

Representatives of the association announced that Gibraltar already has several advantages, among which the location, the workforce which is internationally recognized and the legal system which is very useful to the industry.  The first step now will be to consolidate all of these in order to ensure yachting industry’s success.

Cruise liners stops to rise by 11% this year

Another good news from the tourism industry but still related to the leisure segment of the shipping industry is the announcement made by several cruise ship owners which scheduled no less than 232 stops in Gibraltar by the end of the year. This means a 11% bump in the number of cruise liners stopping in the Rock. Estimates show around 350,000 passengers will be visiting Gibraltar this year, meaning the tourism industry is also about the flourish. Another 18 cruisers are expected to make their first voyages to Gibraltar this year, propelling the Rock deep into the shipping world.

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