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Updated on Thursday 09th February 2023

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Holding-company-in-GibraltarGibraltar is one of the most attractive countries in terms of opening companies. Among the reasons the small territory has become so sought by foreign investors is the various types of companies one can set up here. From the simplest to the more complex business forms, Gibraltar provides entrepreneurs quick setup procedures and an advantageous tax system. Among the most popular types of companies to be registered here is the holding company, which allows foreign investors to own shares in one or more companies. However, the holding company is not allowed to carry out business operation on its own.

 Quick Facts  
  Legal entities used

- limited liability company,

- public limited company,

- European public limited liability company 

Incorporation method 

Registration with the Companies House

Incorporation time 

5 working days

- ability to centralize the control of one or more legal entities;

- risk mitigation,

- Gibraltar's low taxation regime



Shareholding structure

The Gibraltar holding (parent company) holds shares in other Gibraltar or foreign companies

Minimum Capital

Not within a mandatory value. Incorporation fees and stamp duty apply upon registration


- 10% corporate income tax rate;

- no withholding tax and no capital gains tax

Control  The Gibraltar holding company managed and controlled as per its Articles and local rules
Accounting and Reporting  

- annual finnancial statements, with the accounting period being 12 months, except in the year of incorporation,

- annual auditing in certain cases,

- the annual corporate income tax return is filed within nine months from the end of the applicable accounting year

Number of double taxation treaties  < 5

Setting up a holding company in Gibraltar

As mentioned above, the company registration procedure in Gibraltar is short and efficient. Holding companies can be registered in Gibraltar by employing one of the following structures:

  • limited liability companies, which often the preferred choice;
  • companies limited by guarantee;
  • unlimited companies.

Depending on the type of business form chosen, the shareholders will be required to appoint at least one director or a manager and a secretary. The Gibraltar holding company must also have a registered address here.

Upon the appointment of the directors and the secretary, the establishment of the company’s address and trade name, one must draft the holding company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association and file them with the Companies House in Gibraltar.

Our company formation representatives in Gibraltar can assist you with the preparation of the statutory documents of the holding company.

You can find out how to open a holding company in Gibraltar from the video below:

Why open a holding company in Gibraltar?

The main reason for opening a Gibraltar holding company is that this type of vehicle can be used for tax consolidation purposes. As such, a company holding shares in other companies can constitute a group which can be used for tax minimization purposes. Also, the holding company will limit the losses and risks of shareholders who can use the company to protect their assets. A holding company is also cost-efficient, as it can hire managers who oversee its activities without the need of hiring additional personnel.

For more information on the advantages of holding companies or assistance in opening one, do not hesitate to contact our company registration agents in Gibraltar


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