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Updated on Sunday 22nd May 2022

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Open-a-catering-company-in-GibraltarForeign investors who want to start businesses in Gibraltar can decide between several economic sectors which are quite performant. One of these sectors is the food and beverages industry which met significant development thanks to the great number of tourists entering the British territory in the last few years.

The Gibraltar food and beverages sector offers many business opportunities, among which restaurants and cafes are preferred by enterprisers. However, there is also the possibility of creating a catering business in Gibraltar, as this type of activity implies lower costs. Below, our Gibraltar company formation agents explain how to open a catering company.

Types of structures used for opening a Gibraltar catering business

Foreign investors who open companies in the food and beverages sector in Gibraltar usually choose the limited liability company as a structure for their business, however the catering company can be structured as a sole proprietorship because it can be managed directly from the owner’s home. Nevertheless, the hygiene requirements apply just like in the case of a restaurant. Also, the company must be registered with the Companies House in order for the business to have a legal form.

Our company registration consultants in Gibraltar can help with the incorporation of any chosen business form with the Trade Register.

Licenses for catering companies in Gibraltar

The legislation applicable to restaurants and other HORECA businesses is also applicable for catering companies in Gibraltar. After the company is registered, the business owner must apply for specific licenses related to the import and preparation of food.

Among the laws a catering company in Gibraltar must respect are:

  • - the Food Regulations Code;
  • - the Artificial Sweeteners in Food Products Regulations;
  • - the Bread and Flour Regulations;
  • - the Coffee and Coffee Products Regulations;
  • - the Food Hygiene Rules;
  • - the Food Labeling Regulations;
  • - the Food Standards Rules.

Catering businesses must also respect the import regulations applicable to foodstuff.

We are at your disposal with accounting services in Gibraltar.

For full information on the requirements for opening a catering company in Gibraltar, please contact us. You can also rely on for assistance with the company formation process in Gibraltar.



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