Gibraltar to Enhance Trading Relations with China

Updated on Sunday 10th December 2017

Gibraltar and China plan on expanding their economic cooperation after a Chinese delegation visited the Rock and met with Gibraltar officials. Among the industries the two countries want to collaborate in are the financial one, as well as the trading and transportation ones, as Gibraltar wants to join the One Belt One Road initiative. If you want to set up a business in the Rock and need assistance, our company registration consultants in Gibraltar will advise you.

Gibraltar to play an important role in the One Belt One Road program

Gibraltar companies will have plenty of benefits if the cooperation between the local and Chinese governments are enhanced, as China is one of the largest economies in the world and it plans on expanding its trading relation with European countries.

The representatives of both countries met in order to assess how new business relations can be created, while others could be enhanced.

The One Belt One Road initiative will be one of the most important links between the two countries and Gibraltar could play an important role in it, thanks to its ports through which more than 100,000 ships sail every year. Chinese companies could use Gibraltar as the base for naval operations, such as hull cleaning, bunkering and storage.

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The financial industry can create a greater connection between Gibraltar and China

An important part of the economy of Gibraltar is the financial one. Chinese state-owned companies can tap into the opportunities this industry offers, as Gibraltar is known for its strict and transparent regulations related to the financial sector.

The insurance sector was one of the most important topic, as China has less than 10 captive insurance companies and Gibraltar insurance companies could make a significant difference on the Chinese market. Gibraltar companies will benefit from the possibility of establishing relations with local insurance businesses and address other time zones than the European ones.

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