Establish a Branch in Gibraltar

Updated on Wednesday 05th October 2022

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Establish a Branch in Gibraltar

Gibraltar offers a good economic environment and a strategic position for the foreign investors. Recent developments in the country have made it increasingly attractive for investments in various business fields and foreign companies that want to establish their presence there can open a branch in Gibraltar.

Our company formation agents in Gibraltar can offer you complete assistance during the company incorporation procedure and give you more information about the political, legal and commercial environment in Gibraltar.

 Quick Facts  
  Applicable legislation

Gibraltar Law

Best used for

Banks and financial institutions as well as other types of businesses that maintain a close link with the parent company

Minimum share capital

Time frame for the incorporation (approx.) 

7 days



Legal representative required


Local bank account 


Independence from the parent company No
Liability of the parent company Full liability
Corporate tax rate   10%
Possibility of hiring local staff  Yes

The main characteristics of a branch in Gibraltar

A branch is an extension of the foreign parent company that does not have its own legal identity and thus is fully dependent on the mother company. It offers the investor the possibility to engage in economic and trading activities in Gibraltar and establish a strong client base there. 

The branch is a good option for foreign companies that want to control the activity of the Gibraltar company. However, the foreign company must be prepared to deal with any liabilities or debts that may be incurred by the branch in Gibraltar.

Registering a Gibraltar branch office

Like other types of legal entities, the branch must be registered in order to carry out the same activities as the parent-company. The founder must submit the following documents to the Companies House in order to register a branch in Gibraltar:

  • - information about the parent company’s official name which must be the same as the branch office’s name;
  • - information about the country in which the parent company is incorporated;
  • - a declaration containing information about the company’s directors;
  • - copies after the articles of association of the foreign company;
  • - information about the appointed authorized personnel in Gibraltar, who must be a resident;
  • - information about the foreign company’s latest financial accounts which must be submitted with the Gibraltar authorities.

A registration fee must also be paid when making the application. The documents must be translated into English. 

If you want to open a branch office in Gibraltar, you can watch the video below on the company registration procedure:

Taxation of branch offices in Gibraltar

Opening a branch office in Gibraltar has many advantages, among which the fact that it allows a foreign company to operate in this small country, compared to the liaison office, for example. Related to the taxation of the Gibraltar branch, it may have the same accounting period as the parent company, however it will be taxed in the Rock. The corporate tax rate applicable in Gibraltar is 10%- one of the lowest rates in Europe. The parent company must also issue a copy of its financial statements for the branch to file them with the Gibraltar Trade Register.

You can rely on us for accounting services in Gibraltar.

FAQ on setting up a branch office in Gibraltar

Here are a few of the most common questions our Gibraltar company formation consultants receive about registering a branch office:

  1. How long does it take to set up a branch in Gibraltar?

The process of registering a branch in Gibraltar takes around 2 weeks.

  1. Is it hard to open a bank account for a Gibraltar branch?

The bank account opening is not difficult even if it takes longer, as this is the standard procedure for any type of company in Gibraltar.

  1. Do I need to come personally and apply for registration of the branch?

No, there is no need for a representative of the parent company to come and file for the registration of the branch office.

  1. Does the branch office need a local director?

The branch office is not required to appoint a local director, the director can be a foreign national.

  1. Does the branch office need a company secretary?

No, there is no need for a company secretary when opening a branch in Gibraltar.


Please contact our company registration agents in Gibraltar if you want to know more about investing in this country and other types of business entities available for foreign investors.



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