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General Guide to Company Incorporation in Gibraltar

Updated on Saturday 16th June 2018

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Gibraltar is one the most attractive locations for doing business in Europe because of its developed economy. During the last few years Gibraltar has become a renowned international hub for the gaming industry and for the financial services sector. Gibraltar is also known to have the most diversified workforces in the European Union as companies operating here are very sought by skilled workers from all over the world. Foreign entrepreneurs also find many investment possibilities often completed by the variety of types of companies that can be registered in Gibraltar.

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Available types of companies in Gibraltar

Foreign investors seeking to develop a business in Gibraltar can choose between the following types of legal entities:

  • -          private limited liability companies,
  • -          public limited liability companies,
  • -          protected cell companies,
  • -          limited partnerships,
  • -          general partnerships,
  • -          trusts,
  • -          non-profit organizations.

Foreign companies can also establish branch offices in Gibraltar, while smaller investors can choose to register as sole proprietors.

Requirements to incorporate a company in Gibraltar

By far the most popular type of company in Gibraltar is the private limited liability company. There are no capital share requirements for opening a company in Gibraltar. The company must have at least one shareholder who can be a legal entity or a natural person and one director, except for public companies required to appoint at least two directors.  Unlike other European jurisdictions, Gibraltar companies are not required to appoint a resident director. Also, all companies in Gibraltar are required to have a secretary and a registered address in the country.


The video below shows how to open a company in Gibrlatar:


Company incorporations steps in Gibraltar

The following steps must be completed when registering a company in Gibraltar:

  • -          preparing the Memorandum and Articles of Association and filing them with the Trade Register,
  • -          depositing the share capital and obtaining the bank statement showing the deposit,
  • -          opening a corporate bank account for the current operations of the company;
  • -          registering with the tax authorities and applying for the business licenses.

Special licenses or permits may be required for certain types of activities.

Facts about the company registration process in Gibraltar

Foreign investors interested in doing business in Gibraltar should know the following about the incorporation procedure of a company:

  1. It takes up to one week to have the company registered and ready to start operating;
  2. The company needs to have a registered office in Gibraltar, however a virtual office can be used in the first phase of starting the business;
  3. The most common business form used by local enterprisers is the limited liability company;
  4. Companies in Gibraltar are taxed on the incomes generated here and benefit from a tax rate of 10%;
  5. Gibraltar does not impose the value added tax, therefore there is no need for companies to register for VAT;
  6. The Gibraltar tax authorities do not impose any tax on capital gains;
  7. The Gibraltar Company Law is based on the English Commercial Code which is why the small territory is very appreciated;
  8. Gibraltar is one of the few cryptocurrency friendly European jurisdictions.


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