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Open a Limited Liability Company in Gibraltar

Updated on Wednesday 13th November 2019

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Gibraltar is an interesting investment destination for foreign entrepreneurs accustomed to doing business in Anglophone countries. This British overseas territory welcomes foreign investments and offers some important business opportunities, including, but not limited to investments in the services sector and the tourism sector.

The limited liability company in Gibraltar is one of the preferred types of companies as it is suitable for small and medium sized businesses. Investors seeking to open a business in Gibraltar will have to go through a series of mandatory steps and procedures.

Our company incorporation agents in Gibraltar can help you draft the documents required to start a limited liability company.

The main characteristics of a limited liability company

The limited liability company is a legal entity that can be limited by guarantees, by share capital or by both. This type of business is preferred by investors who do not want to open a branch that will be tied to the parent company outside of Gibraltar. The limited liability company is independent and, in a way, more assuring for customers who want to do business with it because it is a Gibraltar company and not an extension of a foreign-owned business. Another characteristic is that this type of business can have one or more shareholders. Their liability will be limited to the amount invested in the share capital.

Any limited liability company in Gibraltar must comply with the existing accounting, audit, regulatory and tax requirements. If you have any questions regarding these aspects, our company formation agents in Gibraltar can give you detailed information.

Registering a limited liability company

Any limited liability company must draw up and file the memorandum and articles of association with the Trade Register. These documents need to be signed by the company’s members and a registration fee must also be submitted. Depending on the type of commercial activity they perform, some companies may need to apply for additional business permits and licenses. Some examples of activities that require a license to operate are: building contracting, catering or manufacturing.

The video below presents the main steps on how to open a limited liability company in Gibraltar:

Documents required to open a Gibraltar limited liability company

The most important documents required to set up a limited liability company are its statutory documents: the memorandum and articles of association. The new commercial legislation allows the founders to use the model documents in the Company Act of 2014 in order to ease the company registration process. The company’s members must also provide their identification papers (ID or valid passport) when incorporating the company and fill out the prescribed application form issued by the Gibraltar Companies House.

Why open a limited liability company in Gibraltar?

Foreign enterprisers asking why they should choose the limited liability company as their business vehicle in Gibraltar should know that:

  1. their liability will be limited to the amount of money they invest in the company;
  2. the limited liability company can be used as a holding company in Gibraltar;
  3. foreign companies can establish subsidiaries under the form of limited liability companies;
  4. the limited liability company can also be registered as an offshore company in Gibraltar;
  5. the limited liability company has one of the simplest registration procedure which can be completed in a week.

Taxation of limited liability companies in Gibraltar

From a taxation point of view, Gibraltar limited liability companies:

  • - will be applied the corporate income tax on their worldwide income;
  • - will be levied on of the lowest corporate taxes in Europe: 10%;
  • - the income generated outside Gibraltar will not be taxed in the case of offshore companies;
  • - there are not withholding taxes on dividend payments and no capital gains taxes in Gibraltar.


Gibraltar also offers other options for investors who are seeking the perfectly suited legal entity for their business. Please contact our company formation agents in Gibraltar for more information about the public limited companies or the partnerships that can be incorporated in Gibraltar. We can also help you open a company or a branch in other countries, such as Spain, through our local partners



  • Rob Boterkooper 2015-05-16

    Dear, I am looking for an offshore company solution that EU VAT exempted for our adult business, including bank account (preferably with banking secrecy). After research I'm thinking of a Gibraltar Non-Resident company with a bank account in Latvia. About us: We are two adult media buyers from The Netherlands, living in Thailand for the past 5 years. Kind regards, Rob Boterkooper

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