Most Attractive Investment Fields in Gibraltar

Updated on Monday 17th February 2020

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Most-attractive-investment-fields-in-GibraltarGibraltar has a thriving economy, as the Government invested heavily in several industries during the last few years. The number of foreign investors setting up companies in Gibraltar has also risen which has made it possible for completely different industries to grow. At the moment the most attractive investment fields to do business in Gibraltar are:

  • -          the e-gaming industry;
  • -          the investment funds sector;
  • -          the services industry;
  • -          the tourism sector.

Tourism has also led to the development of adjacent segments, such as retail and shipping.

The e-gaming field in Gibraltar

Perhaps Gibraltar is currently most famous for its online gaming industry which represents an important percentage of the small territory’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). With an impeccable internet and communications infrastructure, Gibraltar will ensure the success of any company in the e-gaming industry. The taxation system and the regulatory framework also contribute to online gambling becoming one of the most attractive industries in Gibraltar.

Why invest in tourism in Gibraltar?

With a magnificent view and its proximity to Spain, Gibraltar has become one of the most sought touristic destinations in Europe in the last decade, which has transformed tourism into one of the most profitable industries on the Rock. Investors have taken this opportunity of setting up companies in the retail segment, in order to transform the small territory into an even more attractive destination.

The Gibraltar investment fund sector

Not many people are aware of the possibilities investment funds in Gibraltar offer. The following incentives have transformed the investment funds sector into one of the most attractive fields in Gibraltar:

  • -          the 10% tax rate on corporate profits;
  • -          the lack of VAT;
  • -          the swift procedure for setting up investment funds;
  • -          the attractive tax rates applied to specialists and skilled individuals.

Our Gibraltar company formation agents can offer more information on the potential of the investment industry.

The services sector in Gibraltar

One of the best investment industries in Gibraltar at the moment is the services one. With a highly skilled workforce, the Rock offers some of the best services in Europe whether we’re talking about the financial sector or other smaller industries. Thanks to the advantageous labor conditions, Gibraltar manages to attract specialized individuals from all over the world which has transformed the territory into the home of the most “internationalized” workforce on the continent.


If you want to open a company in Gibraltar and need information on other investment fields, do not hesitate to contact our local company registration representatives.

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